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Holla for a Dalla, Balla!

So i've been working at 107th and Indian School a lot lately, and I sort of miss it. It's a lot of fun, and the partners at that store make me miss it even more. Then I went into Bell & Grand today and was totally blown away about how beautiful the store was and I love it there too. Constantly being set up for success at B&G, but more partners my age (that live by me) at 107.. i'll just continue to work my double jobs. (My paycheck was like 700 on Friday ((Holla for a dolla!))).

My boo's been sick all week and I haven't spent anytime with him since like Wednesday. :( I've been hanging out with my Starbucks peeps a lot though, so i've been alright.

Most of my classes end this week, yay!

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